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This space enables only the collectors of fragments of “LIFE” to follow the artistic and geographical evolutions of the endless movement of “LIFE”.

Each fragment is at once unique and an integral part of the work, entitled LIFE, by the artist Jane Puylagarde.

A real pictorial metaphor of life, LIFE, an infinite movement, in which all fragments echo each other, and that never stops evolving. Between the existing canvas and the ones to come, Jane Puylagarde invents a link to unite them and ensures that they come together to answer each other. Thus, the paintings follow each other and hinge on a continuous movement, each line succeeding the previous one.

When the light becomes low, the work goes from a white monochrome to a canvas animated by dark shadows, which bring the painting to an end, like small brushstrokes. Shadows of paint drops question each other and draw fluid forms, jealous of their freedom.

Taking part in this eternal movement of Life is precisely what attracted many collectors who have already taken one or several fragment to London, Paris, Los Angeles, Moscow and even Hawaii. Each acquisition participates in an endless creation, contributing to the general movement, always budding.

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