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Life, by Jane Puylagarde

Diptychs, triptychs, polyptychs,

Jane Puylagarde’s paintings, beyond their fragmentation, are part of a continuing future, dynamic. Pictorial metaphors of life, of its momentum, its hazards, its metamorphoses.

And endless work, which the artist continues and will continue indefinitely. Within this work paintings echo each other, interact with each other, depending on their encounters. Definitely rooted in time by the urge of a creative impetus, and disseminating, beyond the shadow’s dances, the moving intensity of their surprising light.

Françoise Mandot

Jane Puylagarde’s Parallel Worlds

With her paintings made of drops, planes, spirals, smoke
Jane unveils a poetry of points,
The intimate echo of our inner spirals, to love
What troubles our soul and speaks in counterpoints!

Thenceforth, what is left to explore?
What to make or unmake? What is left to show?
Which variations of spirals, of colors?
Which singularities, shadows, joys or sorrows?

Well, Jane chose a new horizon:
Endless large parallel paintings.
Universes of successive dreams,
Like the movement of life and its perfume.

Each panel is a vast oneiric world:
With points shaped like cosmic palms, braids or cords.
Swirling around invisible centers,
As galaxies around an infallible black hole.

And each ‘world-canvas’ goes over the edges of its own frame:
The spirals’ arms flinging, to the right, to the left,
Like immense tentacles, like squadrons
Giving life to sketches of new worlds.

And these ‘worlds-canvas’ follow each other,
Forming a fresco that Jane dreams as excessive,
Covering the walls of a giant, imaginary room,
That questions us like an ancient temple.

What would this temple with haughty facades be?
In Egypt, the temple of Hatshepsut is unrivaled.
Jane’s paintings dream of Djeser’s cartouches,
‘Sacred of the sacred’, hereafter life, improbable world.

From painting to painting, Jane wants to take us,
From parallel worlds to the waves of existence,
Endless, endless. For we need to be reincarnated,
To ‘see’ those worlds and breathe their essence.